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 World News, 2013

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PostSubject: World News, 2013   Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:03 pm

World News

The year is 2013 and the world is doing wonderful. Global warming is at a record high and Scientists are predicting the melting of Polar Ice Caps within a few years. The U.S.A has removed itself from Iraq but are currently engaged in what is soon to become World War 3. After withdrawing from Iraq, the tensions between the US and Iran increased and soon enough war broke out. Russia has publicly backed Iran and cut off ties with the US but have they have not taken any Military action. China is nuetral so far and Japan, France, England and a plethora of smaller states have aligned with the US. Germany is undecided as of now, but many expect them to back the US up in the future. While it's starting as just one war between the US and Iran, it's soon expected that the entire world will be engulfed in it. Reasons for the war are numerously given by the press, but many blame Cedric Fox, the new president as the cause of much of the blood-shed. A typical war-monger he believes that anyone who disagrees with his policies should be invaded, and that's not making him many friends. A bill to privatize the military came up but was rejected by a landslide, keeping the traditional US forces in place. Due to increased violence and death within the US, Police forces have become stricter and much more powerful. Two Assassination attempts were foiled on President Fox, and the attacks seem to be government and nationless, instead banding together from many nations. Upon annoucing war with Iran, the US re-armed it's ICBM and Nuclear weapons stash, which in turn caused Russia to back Iran and set off a chain event that will eventually lead up to MAD. Things seem to be on the boiling point, pollution is at a all time high, disease and cancer are at record highs and natural disasters are becoming more frequent and severe all over the world. Our story starts in the Summer of 2013, in a average sized US city called Cooper City, Pennsylvania. Lives will be changed, conspiracies will be revealed and the whole pretty picture of life will be smashed. 2013. President Victor Fox has been in office for close to a year and the nation is divided like always. Half support him, half don't. Foreigners are becoming less frequent due to stricter border policies and discremination is also at it's highest in a long time. Yup, we're doing great here on planet Earth.


This RP takes place in 2013. That either means one of two things. You can add to your age. For example my age is 18 currently, this RP takes place 4 years from now. So I can add four years to my age and become 22 or I can stay 18. Like bending time kinda. It doesn't matter much, you just get to pick your current age or choose to add four years. This Rp also takes place in a fictional city called Cooper City. It will not just be confined to this city but this is where we start out.

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World News, 2013
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