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 Cooper City News

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PostSubject: Cooper City News   Sun Feb 15, 2009 2:04 pm

Cooper City News, June 13th.

Nestled on the eastern side of Pennsylvania, in the Lehigh Valley, Cooper City is a bustling metropolis that is always humming with action. Cooper City News is the best way to get caught up on local AND national news! Cooper City is a great spot to take a vacation or just spend the weekend! Visit one of the many cultural districts or spend some time in the always-busy Event Center where shows, games and movies are always available. Here are some headlines for the coming Month of June!
New Rail Line Announced! June 13th

Regal Rail Lines have opened up a new rail line! The rail line runs through the state, stopping at quite a few major and minor cities. Regal claims the new trains are the safest, most reliable and most convienent trains on the railway. Our own Scott Johnson reviews one!

Scott: "This rail line was everything it offered. Fast, smooth, excellent service. Plus they use the new "IDentify" system to assure that every passenger leaving and boarding are logged into the train company's database. This makes it harder for criminals or terrorists to try and enter the train as security is alerted for every suspicious ID or any ID's with warrents or prior arrests."


Highschool Graduation Ceremony! June 16th, 1:00 PM at the City Event Center

Scheduled to take place three days after the final day of school (June 13th), this event looks to be one of many great memories. Graduating Seniors will be awarded their diploma and free food and drink will be provided for all. Proper dress attire is expected and students are asked to report a hour early with their cap and gown.

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Cooper City News
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