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 Chapter 1- This Could Be The Start Of Something...

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PostSubject: Chapter 1- This Could Be The Start Of Something...   Tue Feb 24, 2009 10:09 pm

Chapter 1

This could be the start of something...

In this chapter our powers are awakened and will constantly spike out of control due to stress or emotions. Any large amount of pressure will cause the powers to erupt uncontrollably.

Don't post here unless you have both a completed character sheet and a assigned power.


Slowly, the sun rose up over the earth. Every day millions of people were awoken by the sunshine. It was the signal to start the day for most humans. It had rose like this for countless days, it was one thing that didn't change about life. However today would be different for the world. While the sunrise remained the same, the world wouldn't. While the change would be very small at first it would ripple and grow into something that engulfed the world. Today was the dawn of a new era. Yet the sleeping young man did not know this. He knew nothing right now. All of his thoughts were lost in some crazy, wild dream that he wouldn't remember when he woke.

Hovering above the world, the bright sun shone through his blinds and bathed his face in light. Blinking a few times, Aaron grumbled as he knew his rest was over. It was Thursday, June 13th, 2013 the day after his 18th birthday and three days before High School Graduation. Life was going pretty good right now. He had solid grades and he knew he'd be able to get into a pretty good College and have a nice career. Sitting up in his bed, he glanced at the clock next to his bed. Reading the time, he cursed loudly and hopped out of bed. At this rate he was going to miss the school bus. Being a little bit of a underachiever Aaron really never got around to getting his license or more importantly a car. So for now he relied on the school bus as the way to get to High School on time.

Jumping into the shower and getting clean, the young man got dressed in his usual attire. His mother had already gone off to work, so there was no goodbye kiss or anything. Grabbing his keys and backpack, Aaron was out the door and off into the world. Arriving at the bus stop just a moment or two before it arrived, Aaron got on it and found a seat next to some girl he didn't know. Probably a underclassman. Ignoring her, Aaron listened to his MP3 player the entire ride to school. Getting off the bus he headed right for his homeroom. Not much for lingering around and chatting, Aaron sat outside his homeroom, Math until the bell rang. Taking his assigned seat like always the blonde haired student pulled out his textbook and waited for the usual shitstorm that came from his teacher.

With a ring of the final bell, the teacher known as Mr Agnew asked for the class to turn in homework. Aaron never did Math homework. It was his worst class and he just didn't get it. Usually he skipped this class but he had promised his mother he would attend it for the last few days. Mumbling something under his breath as nearly everyone but Aaron turned in the prior nights assignment Mr Agnew started the days lesson. Not one to give his students a easy last day or two, Mr Agnew put up a series of complicated problems up on the black board. Turning to the class he spoke.

Mr Agnew
"Alright. For the last two days of class we will be doing two things. First we will answer these questions. Next we will take a 30 minute long quiz on what we learned during the year. For this first problem I want...Mr Aaron to come up and solve it"

Shaking his head in a effort to get out of it, Aaron was not ready to go up and make a fool out of himself. Mr Agnew was dead set on taking the newly turned 18 and humiliating him. Aaron slowly walked up to the board and looked at the problem. He didn't get it and it looked a lot harder then a typical problem. Staring at it for a few moments he turned to his teacher and admitted defeat.

"I don't know."

Turning from Aaron to the class and back Mr Agnew's jaw dropped. Here it came.

Mr Agnew
"You don't know?! How did you manage to get through FOUR years of High school? Are you a nimrod?! Look class, Mr Aaron can't solve one little math problem!"

Feeling anxious as most of the class laughed, Aaron could literally feel the rage building up inside of him. He hated this man right now. He hated the class. Damnit, why did it have to be like this? Hadn't he gone through enough shit in life? Why couldn't he just sit there and bullshit his way through the last TWO damn days of class! Stupid teacher. Stupid everything. Closing his eyes he felt it rising, pressing against his skin. Feeling a horrible sensation start in his chest, it spread throughout his body and caused him to fall down to his knees. Panting and starting to sweat, Aaron looked at his skin. Small bumps were starting to appear all over it. Feeling shock and immense fear his mind went blank as he passed out.

Opening one eye he could see the roof of the classroom. He didn't know how much time had passed but he was okay now he gussed. Sitting up he let out a yell at the scene before him. Bodies laid on the floor, covered in blood and...bones were sticking out of them? This had to be some kind of dream. Mr Agnew laid dead, a large bone poking out of his head. No, this smell this feeling of pure fear. It wasn't a dream. This was real. What the hell had happened when he passed out? Standing up on weak legs, Aaron held onto a desk for support as he wobbled over to the door. Not having anything for breakfast didn't stop him from throwing up whatever was left in his stomach.

It seemed like he had only been out for a few moments because no one had noticed the crimson blood decorating the class rooms windows yet. He needed to get out of here. Now. Whatever had happened he couldn't explain it and they'd blame him. Moving as slow as a old lady with artificial knees, Aaron made it out of the door and into the hallway. Blinking a few times, he felt tears welling up in his eyes. This was too horrible to be real. Was it his fault they all died? Dear god, this wasn't good. Making it to the end of the hallway, Aaron collapsed and fell down to the floor.

Just sitting there, breathing heavily he wondered what the hell he was supposed to do!? He couldn't go home, he'd get found there. They'd pin the deaths on him and he'd spend the rest of his life in jail. No way. That was not happening. Looking down at his arm, the familiar bumps appeared and moved over his skin. Staring at it with wide eyes he knew something was wrong with him. He had some kind of crazy disease. Some kind of bone disease apparently.

He had to get out of school first. Just running like hell he made it outside. It was a ways to his home and he started the slow walk home with the intention of getting a bag full of his stuff before he headed out to who knows where.

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Chapter 1- This Could Be The Start Of Something...
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