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 Character Sheets

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PostSubject: Character Sheets   Sat Feb 21, 2009 3:06 pm

Just fill out everything but the Powers and Title section, i'll assign those later. Send the filled out form to me in a PM and i'll post it up under Info. There's no limit or requirement for length.


Name: Aaron

Age: 18

Title: Tyrant

Height: 5'9

185 lbs


Standing at a stout 5 foot 9 and weighing in at a even 185 pounds, Aaron is best described as 'Solid'. Sure he isn't overweight and he definetly isn't underweight, but he's not too thin or too heavy. He's in between nearly perfectly, giving him a respectable weight but a good appearence. One would never even guess that he was a pound over 150. While he isn't the definition of "Ripped" he's got a slightly muscular build and it refelcts in his arms and legs. A medium length mane of dirty blonde hair hangs from his head, always appearing slightly messy and unkept. A average pair of eyes and ears and normally shaped dark green eyes decorate his slightly younger looking face. Facial hair is often shaved off, but when left alone can be hardly seen due to it's light color.

Summer Clothes


Aaron wears a pair of black and white sneakers frequently with black or white ankle socks. Typical urban camoflauge cargo shorts are worn. Tons of pockets make storing stuff easy and fast. A black and silver belt is worn semi-loose around his waist. A dark red shirt with a picture of two lions on it and the words reGal Lions above them. The shirts trim is a darker red and the words and lions are gold with the G being black. No necklaces or hats are worn.


One of the most caring people you could ever meet yet someone who isn't too friendly at first. Aaron is realistic person who knows life doesn't just give people what they want. He tries to be optimistic but that generally fails. Still, a uncaring outer shell hides a loyal person who'd die for the people he loves. Racked with anxiety and paranoia the young man is often worried about something or fearing the worst. He's a friendly guy but not very social and prefers to be in the back of the room rather then in the crowd.

Never really feels like he belongs anywhere. Constantly pushing himself to do better or be better. Mostly a very serious person with strong morals and a good head on his shoulders. Can get too emotional or over-worked about some things. Aaron would always prefer to avoid any kind of mental or physical work but once he applies himself he is often able to overcome most obstacles with relative ease. Being both selfish and selfless Aaron is a complex mix between the two and often changes his stance.


Being raised by a single mother isn't easy. It's even harder when your family hates you and she's never home. Enter Aaron's world. From day one his father left, unable to handle to burden of fathering a child and the guy never looked back. Always slightly advanced for his age, the boy often shunned social interaction and mainly kept to himself. The few friends he did have he felt distant from most of the time anyway. Nearly everyone in his family disliked him and his mother. Being the black sheep of the family was hard, especially when his mother, the only light in his life died. Moving in with foster parents was fine, they were nice and gave him mostly everything he wanted and needed but he was alone. His family hated him and made no effort to contact him, his father left him, and his mother passed away. After a few years with his foster family, he attempted to run away but was soon picked up and re-located to another foster family in Cooper City PA.

Here, around the age of 10 was when the boy started to grow up fast. He realized he only had one person in life. Himself. Putting no one before him and just taking what life had to offer, the kid grew into a teenager. School was boring and he could handle nearly all of the work given. He had a desire to play sports but never really took the time to tryout or sign up. He was the kid who barely anyone knew, someone who just seemed to be there. Someone who laughed and made jokes and was a good guy but just seemed out of place. Keeping a few friends he worked his way through the trials of high school and soon he'd be graduating and heading off to college. As the start of the summer rolled around, he was nervous yet happy about what the future had in store. Little did he know it was going to be completely unexpected...



Bone Control/Control dead/Regeneration

Purposes: Try and make something worthwhile out of his life


Name: Seth


Title: Crisis



Appearance:Medium length beard, short dirty blond hair, somewhat over weight but muscular

Clothing:black jeans, black zip-up hoodie, orange t-shirt

Personality:shy at first but talkative, "gentle giant", non-aggressive

Bio: born in another city,and moved to the city after I turned 18 and was out of high school.



Perfect Accuracy/ Slow or speed up time/ Empathy

go to college and work within the city.


Name: Shihana




Weight: You don't ask a lady her weight.


Clothing: jeans and a t-shirt.

Personality: Exhuberant, bipolar.

Bio: It's all in the past, man. What matters is the now.


Purpose: finding a purpose. XP


Name: Sheridan

Age: 16

Title: Mirage

Height: 5’0”

Weight: 106 lbs

Short and frail, Sheridan is described to most as a petite little girl, hardly having the strength to lift a textbook. Though she seems very weak and small, she’s not at all unhealthy. Being young, her metabolism throws away every pound of food she eats, and being quite the runner, she loses weight often. She has shoulder-length, choppy black hair, her bangs kept to the side that she seems to get annoyed with very easily. Sheridan’s large, hazel eyes give her the essence of a very young child, her facial appearance contributing to this as well.

Sheridan seems fond of dresses, often wearing them even in the coldest of weather. Her favorite is a light blue dress with a pink frame, a small white bow at the top of the chest. Around her waist is a black belt with a pocket on it so she can carry a small amount of things with her when needed. She wears a blue bow in her hair, and one small necklace with a white pearl-like orb on it. This is presumed to hold personal value, of what kind is unknown. She wears a pair of white sandals, somewhat matching her dress.

Sheridan is often a quiet and gentle character, extending her friendship to anyone who would want it. She’s very selfless, and does all she can to help those that need it. Kind-hearted and often optimistic, this girl is known to be everybody’s younger sister. She has no true connection with her family, anymore. The only members of her family she seems to value are her father and sister, who she does not seem to have a present connection with. Sheridan’s emotions are usually at a close-to-happy range; it’s very hard to get under her skin, for she always wants to help everyone. It’s when she feels powerless to help that she can be weakened through the mind. Her mind can easily be manipulated and played with because of her naivety and young age.

Sheridan’s life was always harder then she could comprehend. Looking to the bright side of things, she usually paid no mind to the fact her mother left when she was very young, dumping her and her older sister off on her father. Always being close to her dad, she realized that she wanted nothing more then to make him happy when her older sister moved out, breaking her father’s heart. It was then that Sheridan realized how much she liked to see people happy. Attending school in Cooper City wasn’t that hard for her. She didn’t fit in at all, but that was okay. She had wonderful grades, and she liked being a part of the track team. Not having many friends at all other then those she’d been kind to in the past, Sheridan found school to be a most interesting place to be, but she’d rather be at home, or out there making a difference. Such a gentle girl did have her dark times, though, beginning around the time she was a teenager, when her father married her step-mother, who’s daughter and son treated her like an outcast and a “freak”. This was the start of Sheridan’s absence from home. Only coming home every once in a while and hanging out only in the basement, where they leave her to herself, she began to treat others in a cruel and unkind manner when they’d approached her. She became distant, soon being seen as the depressed, angry kid in school. It was her whole freshman year that this had continued… until one day, she ran away. She remained in hiding the whole summer until sophomore year approached. She hadn’t gone back to school since. The only day that she had returned to her father was the day she found her house empty. Her family had moved, not wanting to remember the place their daughter was lost. This day was her birthday. On the floor, she found a necklace with a small pearl-like charm hanging from it. A small tag attached to it said, “Happy Birthday! Love, Daddy.”




Help other people in despair, find her father and make up for her disappearance.



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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets   Tue Feb 24, 2009 11:53 pm

Name: Morgan

Age: 17

Title: Puncture

Height: 6'6"

Weight: 107 lbs

Appearance; Very dark brown hair that most people mistake for black, styled so that it reached past his ears and in front of his face. His body is skinny, much to his displeasure of it, due to his fast metabolism. With the exception of his face, the rest of his body is pale due to dark clothes. His brown eyes, as some people have described it, as very hateful eyes, if he would simply to look your way, it would seem he was giving someone a deathstare. Others however, have said that sometimes his eyes are like that of a sad and lost puppy.

Clothes; Whatever he usually feels like wearing. Though he almost always has a black hoodie or a trench coat, sometimes both if it's cold enough.

Personality; Quiet if you talk to him first, but if he approaches you first, he can be very loud and happy sounding. He tends to make jokes, most of it sarcasm though. He acts as if he won't care about most things, but most of the time he finds himself questioning if he really doesn't. He hates it when people judge him by his looks. Hates racism, but will often make jokes about it. He believes God is real, but he does not worship, due to a grudge against him. He has a very low self esteem. He thinks himself better then God though, due to a recent change to his morality, although old habits die hard, selfishness oftens prevents him from making the right decisions. He notices things others usually don't, and can become a joking deliquent to a serious, and sometimes dark, person. He is negative about himself, optimistic when it comes to friends, and overall finds the humanrace beyond redemption.

Bio; He sometimes doubts if he had a hard life or not. As a kid, he could be easily manipulated, believing others to be his friends. As he got older, he became un-trusting of others and isolated from everyone. His family had taught him to be a good person, so that he may enter Heaven, but over the years from watching the tragic news from TV, reading the war of men in textbooks, watching as his classmates are either bullying or getting bullied, he decided to turn his back on everyone. If God was supposed to love and protect everyone, why would he allow murders, rapes, massacres, wars, and genocide? Although his teachers often told his parents he was very intelligent, he had no motivation, thus having bad grades. He once found someone who could've changed his life around, see the brighter side of things, until that person began to hate him, blaming him for everything bad that has recently happened in her life. Overreacting then in a fit of rage, he lost that love forever. Over the years from the end of middle school to his 2nd junior year in high school, he had tried to commit suicide several times from the sorrow back then, and how lonely he still felt now. Happening the current year though, after reading inspiring books and watching movies, he wanted to change. Instead of being so isolated and cursing God for his troubles and the troubles of the human race in genreal, he wanted to maybe help everyone he could. He did not wish to be like God himself, doing nothing the entire time and not caring. Morgan wished to be happy, and he wanted to help others be happy.



Ability to create 'Energy Lances/Shards/Teleportation/Electricity

Purposes; Trying to find ways to redeem past sins, wanting to know what he will do later when he grows up, find love again maybe.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets   Wed Feb 25, 2009 1:32 am

Name: Romeo


Title: Fenrir



Appearance: Tall and slim. Romeo has lengthy black hair that covers his ears and eyes but are brushed aside so theyre visible. He has big dark brown eyes that almost cross over to black. On most days he’ll have dark shadows under his eyes and bloodshot eyes due to preference of staying up incredibly late and excessive reading. Not overly muscular but enough to be considered “in shape”.

Clothing: Always wearing slim fit tshirts that are either black or white. Hes always seen wearing black jeans and either black or white shoes. On occasion he wears a knee length leather trench coat with a black hoodie underneath with the hood on.

Personality: Cold and distant, much of a loner with a cruel outlook on life. He wouldn’t think for a second to put anyone before his own goals. Although he would make friends he would do it for his own benefit and would easily stab someone in the back. The only thing that had a soft spot in his heart would be the rain. Being much of a spiritual person he would just wait for things to happen, believing if it was meant to be then it would be a matter of time till it happened.

Bio: Growing up he always had much of an easy life and never really had to work for anything to get it. The only downside would be that he would get sick plenty of times a year due to his fondness for staying out in the rain for hours. He never thought too much of his family or friends and usually kept to himself most of the time and read books on subjects that interested him. Those interests would be on the occult and demonology as he found the spiritual world more interesting than the one he resided in. Even at school during breaks or anytime he went out Romeo would be seen with book in his hand. Even in his young life he had enlightened himself in a plethora of information on the subject and always hoped for something in his books to show up in his face.



Ability to create energy sword/Energy barriers/Speed

Purposes: Anything the world can throw at him.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets   Sat Feb 28, 2009 7:07 pm

Name: Carlos " LoS" E. Munoz

Age: 17

Title: Temperance

Height: 5' 8

Weight: 175lb.


"What does he look like? well he looks like one of those skater kids, you know
long hair around his shoulders, not too tall or short, kinda..umm
whats the word...trunky...naw..more like built...but not muscular..just regular- like"

That's how the man who last saw Carlos described him....

Summer Clothes:

Summer..mmm.. oh.. right..... well for Carlos summer meant freedom in a sense,
wake up put on some cargo shorts, usually green or black, a T shirt, mostly black
ones with the super hero logos on the front, and a pair of converses at his feet,
He usually carries around a small back pack in the summer with a towel and a
change of underpants, that way he can swim wherever he goes. This
combination gave him an all terrain capability which was good, especially
when he went hiking or just for a walk around Cooper City. One thing he never goes a
round without is the necklace given to him by his grandfather before he died.


At first look Carlos is seen as a skater kid, or a druggie or something far more
ridiculous, but in reality he is neither of the two. Calm and usually more for
talking things out, Carlos is a pacifist at heart, but when the wrong buttons
are pushed he can be a real asshole. He is smart and witty, and most people don't
approach him right away, which is the way he likes it anyways. He can be a
bit shy but after a while he can be the life of the parday. Often a voice of wisdom,
he believes in Karma and in a universal balance that controls us all.


Born in South America, Carlos in not native to Cooper City. Brought over by his parents when
merely a 9 year old, he hardly remembers his home country. He received his basic education in
a private school, then in the fourth grade was brought over to his new school in Cooper City.
He took on the change with no problem and quickly adapted to his new environment, he
accomplished this so quickly that in the first week of staying in Cooper city he was already
sneaking out the house and taking walks all over the place. He enjoys reading history
and philosophy. He enjoys nature and is often seen hanging out under a tree, or in a
rooftop looking at the stars. Now a Senior at CCH he is about to graduate, and like many others
has no idea what to do after he finishes school.

Power: Temperance

Case Study 693l173CM Diary # 1 XX/XX /2013 1:00

> Subject found at the bottom of cliff.
no sign of life, will be next up for reanimation trials.


Subject has returned to life!
bewilderment and anger.
heavily sedated.
prime for further study, appears to be mutated in some way.

Case Study 693l173CM Diary # 2 XX/XX /2013 21:00

> Subject appears to have plant DNA intertwined with his own human DNA, the
combination of the two seems to have a synergistic effect that causes the subject
to heal cuts and other injuries with far faster speed than a regular human. Subject
appears to be a Human-Plant Hybrid (Homo Plantea if you will)

Case Study 693l173CM Diary # 3 XX/XX/2013 5:00

> Further examination of the subject reveals a form of mental link to
other plant forms, subject seems to alter the growth and formation
of plant life, the extent of this ability seems vast.* The subject responds
to certain stimuli, such as placing a plant in his vicinity will cause the plant
to grow and flourish, and the subject regains some form of energy.

*( trials with larger plant life resulted in complete destruction of laboratories 1 , 2 and 5)

Case Study 693l173CM Diary # 4 XX/XX/2013 2:55

> The subject continues to impress the scientist, further probing of the
subject shows us the extent of his power! an apparent telekinetic ability
surfaced today.* Subject appears to be able to "read" minds and control
them. Subject seems promising for the A.P.F program. Further trials are needed.

*Scientist who were working with him at the moment committed suicide and others went into
a catatonic state.


Case Study 693l173CM Diary # 5 XX/XX/2013

> 010000010000110100010000010010010011110010010010

(Corrupted Data)


To figure out what to do with his life.

Bring balance to the Earth.
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Character Sheets
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